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What is Empathetic Depression?

“A feeling of hopelessness and sadness that is a result of possessing empathy”.

When a person exhibits unusual amounts of empathy, they are often referred to as an “Empath”.  They possess the ability to feel what others are feeling which typically causes them to be very kind, sensitive, caring and almost angelic people.  However, many empaths are not aware of this unique gift and, if not taught how to balance this, they tend to “carry the weight of the world on their shoulders”.  When this happens, although not diagnosed as suffering from depression, they can become depressed and often to a point of helplessness, hopelessness and even with suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Many learn how to manage this gift, and although they sometimes feel overwhelmed, sad and depressed, they learn to evaluate and acknowledge where the feeling is coming from, redirect their emotions, and live long, happy, healthy lives typically dedicated to bettering those and the world around them.

However, evaluating and acknowledging where the emotions are coming from does not always happen immediately and it is this time that empaths are susceptible to a commonly expressed feeling of “just wanting it to stop” especially if being mistreated and/or preyed upon and bullied.  This does not mean they want to or will try to end their lives, they simply feel like they want to die as opposed to feel so much emotional pain.

Empaths tend to be selfless peacekeepers, solvers, helpers, “do-gooders”, and possess the unique ability of understanding others around them, therefore being confidants and often therapeutic friends.  If in the company of someone who takes advantage of or preys on their selfless kindness and often irresistible love, they can be easily driven to the point of helplessness and hopelessness.  What makes them most unique is their own empathy will often cause them to continue to care for, “see the light in”  and, even still, want to help the very person causing them pain.  To prey on a person who exhibits such a peaceful and angelic gift as empathy, is unconscionable and can be far more debilitating and painful than even the worst physical abuse.

My Purpose…

I coined the term “Empathetic Depression” when having to write the obituary for my son, Maxwell on January 20, 2017.

Sadly, Max chose to take his own life and this website is dedicated to discussing all the factors that led up to, contributed to and ultimately drove him to such hopelessness that he could not endure another minute of an otherwise blessed and privileged life surrounded by people who loved and respected him for the angelic gift that he was.

I intend to focus on several attributable factors that I became aware of after reading his texts with the young lady he had met only four months earlier, as well my personal experience as being his mom.  I will touch base on mental health, cyber terrorism, digital deception, suicide, medication, and the grieving process in addition to many other related topics.

My intentions are awareness, prevention, exposure and support which all come from my own empathic heart.

My Disclosure…

I am just a loving mother, sister, daughter and self proclaimed empath. I am not a professional and am not attempting to give professional advice.  I just want to share what I have learned through my own experience of not only being empathetic, but the mother of an empath. I also want to continue to learn and evolve through other’s sharing their knowledge and personal experiences.